Dating ak 47

That kind of infrastructure is critical for turning resource deposits into free cash flow.

The places where people walk around with AK-47s also often lack contract laws, property rights, and worst of all, respect for human life. As much of an SOB as you think the politician in your state or province is, trust me, he has nothing on the average lunatic running a third-world country.

I say let the novice investors have all the third-world excitement they want.

Whatever the punishment was going to be for Michael Orthodox, who skipped a sentencing hearing Thursday for using cocaine while on probation, it’s so much worse now that cops tracked him down to an apartment full of guns, disguises, and fake law enforcement gear.

Jim Supica, director of the National Firearms Museum in Fairfax County, called Mr. Kalashnikov’s genius was in designing a military rifle that was cheap to manufacture, rugged and reliable.” Mr.

Kalashnikov headed the design team that produced the AK-47 — standing for automatic by Kalashnikov, model of 1947 — as the assault rifle for the newly retitled Soviet Army.

In a compact, 10-pound package, a single fighter holds the fully automatic firepower of a machine gun.

It has only eight moving parts, can be broken down and reassembled in 30 seconds and will fire when very dirty. Marines would often put down their standard-issue M-16s and pick up AK-47s from fallen North Vietnamese soldiers because they found the AK to be more reliable.

Despite having little technical training, he rose to the top of the Soviet armaments industry and traveled throughout the world, including the United States, as the face of Russian weaponry, an advertisement for a Soviet product that actually worked.

Yet if you read my work and look at my portfolio these days, you’re sure to notice a lack of “third world” excitement that many resource investors crave.

As a new resource investor, it’s hard not to get interested in the excitement and drama that comes with investing in far-off lands.

Over the past 17 years, I’ve been all over the world—often to places that many people would never dare to go.

Besides Iraq, I’ve traveled to Kosovo, Venezuela, Russia, China, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, and dozens of other countries.

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